What a phenomenal shoot at Fort Purbrook to in…

What a phenomenal shoot at Fort Purbrook to introduce me to WA Combined tournaments.

Unmarked field is something I’ve only shot once before in October last year. My rangefinding techniques had only been practiced a handful of times and often relying on what “looked right” but despite this I managed to score fairly respectfully. 307 is only a handful of points away from a Master Bowmen classification on my first attempt. It would have been mine too if I remembered to shoot the right face for 2 out of 3 arrows and not get caught out on a nasty 60cm face that looked much further away…

Marked day saw some lower score with the targets being generally further away and some unfavourable weather at times, but that didn’t detract from the day. A lot of fun wandering around battlements, through tunnels and along ditches.

The biggest take away from the weekend was the importance of stance and unit aiming for the greater angle shots. Definitely something to work on!

Overall I finished 6th which I was very happy with when present company was taken into account. I know I’ll be back doing this again!