A couple months back I got frustrated with my …

A couple months back I got frustrated with my costume work for a medieval themed competition: I didn’t want to wear an ‘indoor’ dress and I couldn’t find a good feminine leather ranger costume. You see, most vests are unisex and I have a bosom that messes up the way many unisex things fit. The material bunches up whenever I draw back my bowstring and I could not get over my frustration.

So I did what I normally do when I can’t find what I want: I created the thing I needed from scratch.

I’m quite proud to present to you my new design for female archers: a comfortable leather vest that is lightweigth, adjustable in three areas, made to order (so fully customizable) and is not made to be sexy but practical. The double layer of leather on the chest and back provide extra protection.

It is designed with the idea that a female ranger can wear something that protects her while still moving around without any angles sticking out and poking skin. I’m already working on new designs for the top piece, such as blue with silver paintwork in a more Elvish style. But for now, I hope that I can help out more women like myself with this vest. 

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