Your LotR quiver is INCREDIBLE. I can't s…

Your LotR quiver is INCREDIBLE. I can't stop looking at it?? I am literally so impressed and amazed. I don't do any leather working (and the fact that you do blows my mind, honestly) but I *do* do rudimentary sewing and that stitching?? wowza, man, that's AMAZING. You're so freaking talented and I'm *glad* you showed the quiver off because it's ridiculously cool. omigosh i'm still Shook. The painting?? wow. Like even the lettering was perfect!! I'm happy you're proud bc Dang tysm for showing it!

People, this is the reason why I quit a well-paying job with benefits (a job that also took 5 years of my life within the span of 2) to chase my dream of making beautifull things for others. This right here is my entire life.

Prebeartobemoosified; I LOVE you for commenting like this and I will work VERY hard to continue to amaze you. Please continue making things in your own field because it is clearly something that you love to do