Today marks the day where my original LOTR-qui…

Today marks the day where my original LOTR-quiver post reaches 5.000
notes here on Tumblr; something I didn’t forsee when I posted it one
month earlier.

Thank you all so much!

By origin this quiver was supposed to test my
limits as a designer, leatherworker and painter. But it has become the
flagship post of this Tumblr account and that is saying something. From
all over the world I have received wonderfull comments, compliments and
questions about this piece and it has motivated me to continue working
on my small business for archers.

My husband is convinced I
should sell this piece (and many people here are begging me to as well), which raises many questions about copyright issues. The last thing I want is to put something in my Etsy shop that isn’t legally mine to sell.

So help me out laywer side of Tumblr: what are the rules and regulations concerning an item like this?

comment or send me a private message to give me your reasoning on this
matter! Because I respect the Tolkien-world too much to make any dumb
decisions. I make enough dumb ones as it is.