Mindfullness for archers? (pls hlp)

One week ago my senior trainer cut the friday night trainingsession for our youngsters too short and we were left with 10 minutes of extra time. On a whim I decided to do a mindfullness exercise with them, which they really ended up liking (some of them refused to get up because they were so relaxed). I did it as a tiny thing to keep them occupied with something usefull that they could use but never thought they would enjoy doing it often (15 kids between the ages of 15 tot 18 and a co-trainer with ADHD sitting down in silence is not an easy thing to accomplice).


Cut to a week later where last friday night two of my pupils ran up to me and asked if we could do it again after the scheduled training. I was a bit taken aback and told them we would first see if we had any time left afterward. It turned out we did, and they came back to me to ask again. Four of them (ages 11 to 14) participated and very happily asked me to keep doing these ‘10 minutes of peace’ after every training.

So now I’ve decided to actually prepare something for upcoming friday. One of the boys said he was ‘looking forward to letting go of his stress’ since he has a finalsweek coming up the week after. Obviously I want to do my best as trainer and not muck it up; it’s friday night, they’ve had a full week of school and an hour and a half of archery training with 15 to 20 loud peers and hey I remember that life could really SUCK at that age. So a nice 10 to 15 minutes to unwind and let go of your stress sounds like a nice thing to start the weekend with.

Does anyone out there (hellooooo Tumblr) have any suggestions where to start with this? How can I help my pupils without too much prep (because I need my preptime to work out trainingschedules)? Is mindfullness for athletes a thing?