If anyone is still interested; I’m currently b…

If anyone is still interested; I’m currently busy with the Kickstarter idea I pitched a while back.
At the moment I’m trying to design second versions of the custom/personal
books in order to make the covers more versatile instead of permanently
connected to a character. Next to this, I plan to make a specific set of

  • – wizards/magic users
  • – druids/nature attuned players
  • – necromancers/undead alligned
  • – fighters/melee weapon users
  • – rangers/ranged weapon users
  • – bards (I think that says it all)
  • – clerics/religion oriented characters

 and of course one regular design for DM’s and everyone who cannot decide.

You will still be able to adjust the name! You can choose you own name, your character’s name or come up with a generic title for your book.

Biggest change so far: the covers will fit around the standard 5th edition D&D Player’s Handbook instead of an A5 folder because most players reply they would like this more and I make these designs to make as many people happy as possible. If all goes well I will still do the A5 folders later on in 2019.

I’m planning to start the campaign on February 1st 2019. In order to make the books available to everyone and keep the prices low, I will need almost 200 (!!) backers to make this happen. So if any of you wish to help out and make this project happen: share! Comment! Reblog! Tell your friends! Tell your DM! Tell you cat!

And if you follow my Tumblr, I will try to keep you updated on the designs so you can help decide what looks best because all I want to do is make you wonderfull people happy.