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Equipment review – phoenix archery target face…

Equipment review – phoenix archery target faces

Bear target face

Bear target face in the woods

Bear target face in the woods

Those of you who shot the NFAS National Championships this year might have already seen some new target faces produced by Phoenix Archery ( Well thanks to the generosity of Mark at Phoenix Archery we have been able to enjoy using a couple of his new range of target faces down at the Briar Rose club course.

The first thing I have to…

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I’ve been watching the news on the terrible wildfires in California and been trying to think what to say. Everything seems inadequate. When we visited California a few year ago on a driving holiday we found the area beautiful and people welcoming.

Please stay safe guys. Especially the fire fighters and emergency services who are working 24/7 to keep people safe.

a quest for perfect form, couple of video view…

a quest for perfect form, couple of video views?

Me trying to remember to shoot

Just a quick note to say sorry there’s not been much from me recently. Long days at work sat in front of a computer screen means the last thing I want to do is boot up the computer when I get home. Added to this are shorter days which make it impossible to practice at night and weekends being spent with lots of work going on at the Briar Rose club’s new wood means I’m pretty busy.

Despite or…

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There are days when you just want to do something physical and tiring. Spent several hours clearing, sawing and chopping wood. Tired and ache now but in good way.

Is there such a thing as “Perfect”…

Is there such a thing as “Perfect” Archery Form? – Traditional Archery V…

worth listening to and his words are very true  there is good form and bad form, but don’t be worrying about such thing as perfect form

Shoot report – Thornbury Archers – October 201…

Shoot report – Thornbury Archers – October 2018

Sharon shooting 3D between the trees

Thornbury Archers October shoot

Thornbury Archers October shoot

So on a very foggy Sunday morning we would load up the car and head south on the motorway to just outside Bristol for the Thornbury archers NFAS shoot. Thornbury had wanted to start early, stating registration would close and they wanted to start by 9:30, so it was an earlier start for us being a little over an hour drive. I’m not sure exactly what time we did get…

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A few photos from todat. Home after shooting Thornbury archers nfas open. Challenging course and great company in bright Autumn day. Gold for Sharon and silver for me. Thanks to all organisers


Woodland View of part of the woods I’m lucky enough to shoot in.

Guess that makes it official. The club i shoot…

Guess that makes it official. The club i shoot for Briar Rose field archers has a wood and support from Sport England. #archery #fieldarchery #archerypractise #briarrose #sportengland

Yep something I need to work on, can take arch…

Yep something I need to work on, can take archery a bit too seriously at times and forget the laughs #archery #fieldarchery #instinctivearchery #archeryquote