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Shoot report – Thornbury Archers – October 201…

Shoot report – Thornbury Archers – October 2018

Sharon shooting 3D between the trees

Thornbury Archers October shoot

Thornbury Archers October shoot

So on a very foggy Sunday morning we would load up the car and head south on the motorway to just outside Bristol for the Thornbury archers NFAS shoot. Thornbury had wanted to start early, stating registration would close and they wanted to start by 9:30, so it was an earlier start for us being a little over an hour drive. I’m not sure exactly what time we did get…

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Shoot report – NFAS National Championships 201…

Shoot report – NFAS National Championships 2018

Briar Rose members - Left to right (Rob,Tony,Sharon,Steve and Lee)

NFAS National Championships

NFAS National Championships 2018

I’ve been pretty slow in writing up this shoot report for the nationals, partly due to work and partly due to not wanting it to come across very negative. Here’s hoping I have succeeded.

The NFAS National Field championship is an annual event bringing together archers from across the country for two days of intensive archery. The events location moves round the…

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Shoot Report – Spirit of Sherwood – August 201…

Shoot Report – Spirit of Sherwood – August 2018

Close up of bear and forester

Spirit of Sherwood muster

Spirit of Sherwood muster

Firstly before I start this shoot report I along with Sharon would like to say a huge thanks to a wonderful host Karen for putting us up for the night and for the great Bar-B-Que on Saturday night before the shoot. The grounds are quite a long drive for us, so being able to stay over the night before was great. Anyway back to the important thing for you, the shoot report.

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Shoot Report – Druids 2 day Solstice shoot – J…

Shoot Report – Druids 2 day Solstice shoot – June 2018

Sharon shooting the Eagle in the Nest

Sharon shooting on our first target on SaturdaySharon shooting on our first target on Saturday

I am going to start this shoot report with an apology directed to the course layers and members of Druids. In writing this shoot report I realise that I never published last years report of Druids 2 day shoot. Oops, sorry. It was a great two day shoot and deserved a shoot report, so I am sorry for not completing the report for last years.

I think…

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Quick tip on brace height check

Quick tip on brace height check

Sharons bow and arrow set up

Showing the brace height and cresting

Showing the brace height and cresting

We all know how important it is to have your bow setup right and ensure it is at the correct brace height. I wanted to offer a quick tip to all archers out there for checking your brace height on your bow, which doesn’t involve having a rule.

When I made up the last batch of arrows for Sharon, I crested them in colours to match her fletchings, are pink and…

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Shoot Report – Wolverine Archers – April 2018

Shoot Report – Wolverine Archers – April 2018

Shooting group at Wolverine

Wolverine Archers

Wolverine Archers

So we loaded the car on Sunday morning for the drive up the motorway to the Wolverine grounds, while still being slightly jet lagged from our Canadian ski holiday. Due to multiple sets of road works it would prove to be a slow drive north and equally slow drive home at the end of the day. You can read a write up of a previous shoot visit here.

This time there were some 105…

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Shoot report – Centaura Bowmen – March 2018

Shoot report – Centaura Bowmen – March 2018

Banks of snowdrops at Centaura

Centaure Bowmen It seems ages since I’ve written a shoot report, hopefully I haven’t lost the knack of what to include and cover. So here goes with this shoot report for Centaura Bowmen March shoot, which I think could have been called the snowdrop shoot. For those interested here is a link to a previous shoot report. Unlike some of the recent weekends we’ve had of late, it wasn’t that cold,…

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New bow style – example of people power

New bow style – example of people power

Autumnal sunlight through the trees

I’m typing this up half watching the snow fall in giant flakes outside, and on a skiing holiday and half looking at the screen. It seems holidays are only time I have at present to catch up with my writing. Anyway onto topic for today. Some of you may remember that a few months back I wrote an article on a proposal that was going forward to the NFAS on an new bow style “Traditional Bow hunter”.…

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Continuing the New Year goals

3D Deer between the trees

The woods are calling In my last posting I wrote about the setting of New Year goals and how you could start to monitor your progress as you develop in your archery life. In this post I’d like to take this a little further and explore some general advice along with some metrics beginners or experienced archers may consider suitable. Poor equipment = poor shooting First thing you can do is to get…

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Shoot Report – Spirit of Sherwood – December 2…

Can you hit a barn door

Spirit of Sherwood Wooden arrow shoot I tend to see the Spirit of Sherwood Christmas shoot as the end of the year as far as NFAS shoot calendar is concerned, which is silly really as NFAS shoots carry on all through the year. However for this reason and because they put on cracking shoots, we always make an effort to get to their shoots and this years was no exception. As it’s a good two hour…

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