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Equipment review – phoenix archery target face…

Equipment review – phoenix archery target faces

Bear target face

Bear target face in the woods

Bear target face in the woods

Those of you who shot the NFAS National Championships this year might have already seen some new target faces produced by Phoenix Archery ( Well thanks to the generosity of Mark at Phoenix Archery we have been able to enjoy using a couple of his new range of target faces down at the Briar Rose club course.

The first thing I have to…

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Shoot report – Thornbury Archers – October 201…

Shoot report – Thornbury Archers – October 2018

Sharon shooting 3D between the trees

Thornbury Archers October shoot

Thornbury Archers October shoot

So on a very foggy Sunday morning we would load up the car and head south on the motorway to just outside Bristol for the Thornbury archers NFAS shoot. Thornbury had wanted to start early, stating registration would close and they wanted to start by 9:30, so it was an earlier start for us being a little over an hour drive. I’m not sure exactly what time we did get…

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Shoot report – NFAS National Championships 201…

Shoot report – NFAS National Championships 2018

Briar Rose members - Left to right (Rob,Tony,Sharon,Steve and Lee)

NFAS National Championships

NFAS National Championships 2018

I’ve been pretty slow in writing up this shoot report for the nationals, partly due to work and partly due to not wanting it to come across very negative. Here’s hoping I have succeeded.

The NFAS National Field championship is an annual event bringing together archers from across the country for two days of intensive archery. The events location moves round the…

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Shoot Report – National Field Archery Society …

Shoot Report – National Field Archery Society Championships – May 2018

Despite best efforts I do miss

Archers gathering for the NFAS 3D championships

Archers gathering for the NFAS 3D championships

Sorry all , I have been pretty slow on writing up shoot reports recently as been focusing on the coaching articles for the “Hardest things in archery series”.  I think I have two or three shoot reports to type up, so please be  patient.
Anyways in May 2017 the Organised Chaos teamwere setting one of the courses for the NFAS 3D championships. If…

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Data protection changes and GDPR in archery

Data protection changes and GDPR in archery

Okay, so this is not the normal sort of thing to find on an archery blog, but I don’t think it can have escaped many peoples notice that the Data Protection laws in the UK are changing. Chances are you’ve had emails from different websites you’ve subscribed to asking for you to agree to new terms and conditions. In other words the dreaded GDPR, with a fast approaching deadline of the 25th of May…

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Shoot Report – NFAS National Championships – S…

Some of the wood carving in the fort area

Some of the wood carving in the fort area Sorry this shoot report is so late in appearing, works been pretty mad, with long hours and a restructuring, but enough of that it is an archery blog after all. So the NFAS National championships has come and gone in what seems like a blink of an eye last September. Has it really been that long ago? The weekend long competition this year was held in the…

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Shoot Report – Windrush – October 2017

Shoot Report – Windrush – October 2017

3D coyote target set behind fallen tree

Archers massing before the start On a beautiful sunny early autumn morning we headed towards Windrush shoot grounds in Oxfordshire. I have to say the old adage that the journey is as important as the destination seemed accurate on Sunday, as due to the early start and route down the took us along some country lanes we ended up dodging squirrels crossing the road, indecisive flocks of partridge…

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Centaura Field Bowmen – Shoot Report – September 2017

Centaura Field Bowmen – Shoot Report – September 2017

3D deer

50th anniversary shoot at Centaura Bowmen This was Centaura Field Bowmen 50th anniversary shoot and the archery gods must have looked on favourably as the weather was good the whole day. Since it was their  50th anniversary shoot it was very well attended, in fairness that is pretty normal for the midlands  based club. The only downside to this popularity being the day can prove be quite slow as…

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Shoot Report – Wolverine – August 2017

Shoot Report – Wolverine – August 2017

Sharon and my bow at Wolverine shoot

Wolverine – Gary making announcements at the start So a couple of weeks ago we headed north again, through the road works venturing this time towards Wolverine club grounds. Once again we were blessed with good weather, though the ground was a little wet underfoot, it was no way as bad as we’ve encounter previously. In fact we didn’t have rain until the drive home. For those interested here is a…

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Shoot Report – Lyme Valley – August 2017

Shoot Report – Lyme Valley – August 2017

Cliffs very lucky shot at the 3D carp

Cliff shooting 3D hare A couple of weeks back we headed north up the motorway and through what feels like endless road works to Lyme Valley shoot. Sorry its taken so long for the shoot report. If you are interested here is a link to a previous shoot report. We were lucky to have good weather, dry and not to warm which is perfect conditions for Lyme valley as you don’t want it to be too warm going…

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