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#Day23of100: Well I had a very disappointing e…

#Day23of100: Well I had a very disappointing end to my season. I shot the two lowest scores I have ever shot in competition on a WA70 at Old Basing – 497 and 498. After the first day I was beaten by it, but not down and out (a shout out to the progress I have made mentally over the past few months), but after only improving by 1 point and still below 500 on the second day it was like a punch to the gut. I care so much about the sport and wanting to achieve that I take the negatives quite hard.

Conversely, for a majority of arrows over the weekend my shot felt good and strong. They just were not grouping, so I was bemused and frustrated. However I failed to notice or acknowledge the real cause of the scores. For the previous 2-3 weeks I have been shooting with an open sight ring after carelessly removing the pin dot from the middle. Maybe lack of experience with the open ring didn’t help at the weekend, but I had shot over 1000 arrows with it in that time so let confident enough going into the tournament to run with it. Maybe it’s something that takes time to get used to. Or maybe I don’t like lining up circles.

So with that in mind, an open ring is not the best tool for me to shoot competitively with. I can’t fault it for training – the removal of the dot bridges shooting blank boss with shooting at a target. Enough removal from aiming to concentrate of form, while still looking at a target. However for tournament and shooting for scores I’ll be going back to a pin with a dot.

So as I set up the bow for indoors, I can look back on this season as one of improvement, an interim year in preparation for 2019: I have shot at master bowman level; improved my mental resilience; and capable more than ever of reviewing and self critiquing my form for development.

The swings were great though.

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