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Equipment review – phoenix archery target face…

Equipment review – phoenix archery target faces

Bear target face

Bear target face in the woods

Bear target face in the woods

Those of you who shot the NFAS National Championships this year might have already seen some new target faces produced by Phoenix Archery ( Well thanks to the generosity of Mark at Phoenix Archery we have been able to enjoy using a couple of his new range of target faces down at the Briar Rose club course.

The first thing I have to…

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Shoot report – NFAS National Championships 201…

Shoot report – NFAS National Championships 2018

Briar Rose members - Left to right (Rob,Tony,Sharon,Steve and Lee)

NFAS National Championships

NFAS National Championships 2018

I’ve been pretty slow in writing up this shoot report for the nationals, partly due to work and partly due to not wanting it to come across very negative. Here’s hoping I have succeeded.

The NFAS National Field championship is an annual event bringing together archers from across the country for two days of intensive archery. The events location moves round the…

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Shoot report – Centaura bowmen – September 201…

Shoot report – Centaura bowmen – September 2018

Sharon on the ermin shot

Centaura Bowmen shot

Centaura Bowmen shot

Centaura Bowmen’s ground is over an hour drive from home on a good day, so it would be an early start for us to make sure we got there in good time. It is a ground we know quite well, situated outside Derby. For those interested you can read a previous shoot report here.

As it was it would be a warm and pleasant early autumn day, with great company as we were joined by the…

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Shoot Report – Spirit of Sherwood – August 201…

Shoot Report – Spirit of Sherwood – August 2018

Close up of bear and forester

Spirit of Sherwood muster

Spirit of Sherwood muster

Firstly before I start this shoot report I along with Sharon would like to say a huge thanks to a wonderful host Karen for putting us up for the night and for the great Bar-B-Que on Saturday night before the shoot. The grounds are quite a long drive for us, so being able to stay over the night before was great. Anyway back to the important thing for you, the shoot report.

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Shoot Report- Paget de Vesey – February 2018

Shoot Report- Paget de Vesey – February 2018

Sharon shooting a 3D dragon target at Paget de Vasey

Paget de Vasey NFAS shoot February 2018 I know I’ve said this before but I have always thought of the Paget de Vesey shoot as marking the start of the NFAS outdoor season. True there are shoots throughout the year now but I still think of it as the start of the shooting year. For those interested you can have a read of a past shoot report here. Surprisingly there wasn’t any rain or even snow this…

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