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I’ve been playing with a piece of white emboss…

I’ve been playing with a piece of white embossed leather today to see if I can find anything that works with my Jörmungandr quiver design. And to show you how I made a quick video (clearly I didn’t think ahead because I’m not wearing any fancy clothes).

The beauty of this embossed leather is that it is much thicker and available in large pieces (it’s cow, not snake) and comes in a variety of colors. The downside is that I don’t know yet if I can clean it properly (the soot from the laser needs to be washed out) and if I can properly seal it afterwards to make the quiver fully water resistant. I’m currently drying out the washed test piece, so I’ll let you know!

I’m working on a design for a Jörmungandr quiv…

I’m working on a design for a Jörmungandr quiver in a Norse/Viking style, which means I get to work with a lot of material from the 10th century to figure out how to do this.

Upside: I’m drawing a bad ass danger noodle over and over and I’m loving it

Downside: I have to work out how this snek boi wraps itself around what is effectivly a tube of leather (yay funtimes with spatial reasoning)

Upside in the long run: showing my danger noodle quiver to everyone who is foolish enough to give me their attention

I’m so incredibly proud to finally show you my…

I’m so incredibly proud to finally show you my brand new personal quiver!

It is a white leather quiver, engraved with about 80% of Tolkien’s map of Middle Earth: It shows the Shire, the Grey Mountains, Erebor, Rohan, Gondor and the mountain range of Mordor. And all the water on the map is painted blue.

Every bit of it. Every lake, river, creek and pond. It took me HOURS.

The Lonely Mountain is painted gold and the entire piece is protected with a water resistant finish. I used a dark brown leather braid and stitches for a nice contrast against the white (I also think it matches the engraving quite nicely) and I chose light silver materials to fasten the quiver to my belt. With a longer strip of leather, I can change the fastners and wear it on my back.

As you can tell, I’m pretty damn pleased with the final result. I have yet to take it out for better pictures of it in use but I couldn’t wait any longer to show it off here. Gosh I hope you guys love it as much as I do.

The Celtic Knot archery set (armguard and quiv…

The Celtic Knot archery set (armguard and quiver) are up in my Etsy Shop.

Both items are handmade to order, so you can choose your own colors if you want and get the entire set made to your size.

What’s in your quiver? ________________…

What’s in your quiver?
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I’m literally working with a needle here…

I’m literally working with a needle here to paint the water on this white quiver. The end result better be awesome because my eyes are straining to see any streams or ponds I might have missed :/

ceryneian-archer: This cyan blue turns out to…


This cyan blue turns out to be the best color for painting water on maps, so I’m spending the next 4 hours painting tiny rivers on a LOTR-quiver.

Maybe not 4 hours but still, this project is testing my patience. I never thought I’d actually use a pencil so terribly tiny to paint with…

This better be a pretty quiver when it’s done :/

Made to order for one of my favourite clients:…

Made to order for one of my favourite clients: a chocolate brown quiver with a dark brown triskelion, 3 arrows crossed behind it, and a celtic knotwork pattern on the bottom. I finished the quiver with my prefered edge lacing in a matching brown.

With so much sun flooding our country this coming weekend, I’m sure to recieve some pretty photo’s of this beauty in action soon!

yborsworld:I’m in love with this… Now I am too…


I’m in love with this…

Now I am too, this is so pretty!

★ ETSY SALE ★ After a lot of hard work and …


After a lot of hard work and sometimes even harder decisions, I have some amazing things to celebrate with you!

First off, I’ve arrived at my new and improved workshop with loads of free space to grow. It is just the thing my work needed and I couldn’t be more thrilled to be there every day!

Second, I passed the exams to become a level 2 archery trainer and now have a whole new group of youngsters to look after. They and my co-trainers enrich my life, even when things get rough.

And third and maybe most importantly, I’ve been asked to marry the love of my life! I never thought he would get out of his depression far enough to see his life this bright.

To celebrate all these amazing things I’m throwing EVERYTHING in my Etsy shop on sale, starting this thursday the 15th untill the end of March 2018!

This year I will try to visit many MANY more competitions, both here in The Netherlands as well as abroad in countries like France, Germany, Ireland and hopefully further.I hope to make many more new custom designs for all archers out there! More than that, I hope to meet you all one day!