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Shoot report – NFAS National Championships 201…

Shoot report – NFAS National Championships 2018

Briar Rose members - Left to right (Rob,Tony,Sharon,Steve and Lee)

NFAS National Championships

NFAS National Championships 2018

I’ve been pretty slow in writing up this shoot report for the nationals, partly due to work and partly due to not wanting it to come across very negative. Here’s hoping I have succeeded.

The NFAS National Field championship is an annual event bringing together archers from across the country for two days of intensive archery. The events location moves round the…

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Shoot report – Centaura bowmen – September 201…

Shoot report – Centaura bowmen – September 2018

Sharon on the ermin shot

Centaura Bowmen shot

Centaura Bowmen shot

Centaura Bowmen’s ground is over an hour drive from home on a good day, so it would be an early start for us to make sure we got there in good time. It is a ground we know quite well, situated outside Derby. For those interested you can read a previous shoot report here.

As it was it would be a warm and pleasant early autumn day, with great company as we were joined by the…

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Good luck for NFAS nationals

Good luck for NFAS nationals

So the National Field Archery Society, national championships are just round the corner. I always see this as the culmination of the NFAS calendar of events.

For those unfamiliar with the format of the championships, it is a two day event where competitors shoot 2 different courses over unmarked distances. A couple of difference to this year’s event sees the competition going back to being solely…

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Shoot Report – Spirit of Sherwood – August 201…

Shoot Report – Spirit of Sherwood – August 2018

Close up of bear and forester

Spirit of Sherwood muster

Spirit of Sherwood muster

Firstly before I start this shoot report I along with Sharon would like to say a huge thanks to a wonderful host Karen for putting us up for the night and for the great Bar-B-Que on Saturday night before the shoot. The grounds are quite a long drive for us, so being able to stay over the night before was great. Anyway back to the important thing for you, the shoot report.

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How can Costa Coffee cups help your archery pr…

How can Costa Coffee cups help your archery practice?

Close up of Sharon shooting

Sharon on the range

Sharon on the range

No, not a trick question, nor am I talking about cup shooting, and if you don’t know what Cup shooting is check out Grizzly Jim’s video here.

This is a tip from my better half Sharon came up with and was using this on our range the other day. It’s no secret that I like Costa coffee, in fact it has got to a stage…

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Shoot Report – Druids 2 day Solstice shoot – J…

Shoot Report – Druids 2 day Solstice shoot – June 2018

Sharon shooting the Eagle in the Nest

Sharon shooting on our first target on SaturdaySharon shooting on our first target on Saturday

I am going to start this shoot report with an apology directed to the course layers and members of Druids. In writing this shoot report I realise that I never published last years report of Druids 2 day shoot. Oops, sorry. It was a great two day shoot and deserved a shoot report, so I am sorry for not completing the report for last years.

I think…

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Update on the recent theft from archery club

Update on the recent theft from archery club


It is nice to be able to provide some positive news of the use of social media at least in the extended archery community. Following my recent article highlighting the vandalism and thefts at Redoubtables club, along with the countless people sharing the Facebook posts and images, there has been a positive outcome.

The club has reported that the majority of the equipment has been recovered and…

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Another archery club vandalised and equipment …

Another archery club vandalised and equipment stolen



Redoubtables – North Wales

I find it sad I am writing a post  on yet another archery  club who have fallen victim to theft and vandalism. On Thursday night I saw a shared post on Facebook concerning the Redoubtable club in North Wales.

The initial post stated how club’s hut had been broken into and there had been some thefts sadly further information came to light of the extent of the damage and…

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Shoot Report – 3DA Tophat Classic

Shoot Report – 3DA Tophat Classic

3D target set up for shoot off

Archery 3DA series

Archery 3DA series
The other weekend Sharon and I had the opportunity to shoot a different style of archery competition to the normal NFAS shoots we attend. We shot a couple of the rounds of the 3DAs, being hosted at Long Eatons grounds. You can find the full details of the 3DA tournaments on their website for us it would have a different scoring system, a different…

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Hardest lessons to learn in archery – How chan…

Hardest lessons to learn in archery – How changing your stance, changes your view from the peg

View from the peg of a 3D squirrel

Unlike other archery societies where you have to have a clear shooting lane to the target, in the National Field Archery Society the course layer can make use of the trees and other terrain to make a shot challenging.

This means that so long as the shot is safe and the archer can see the majority of the kill zone on the target, the shot is permissible. Though I do have to say that some course…

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