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Hardest lessons to learn in archery – How chan…

Hardest lessons to learn in archery – How changing your stance, changes your view from the peg

View from the peg of a 3D squirrel

Unlike other archery societies where you have to have a clear shooting lane to the target, in the National Field Archery Society the course layer can make use of the trees and other terrain to make a shot challenging.

This means that so long as the shot is safe and the archer can see the majority of the kill zone on the target, the shot is permissible. Though I do have to say that some course…

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Shoot Report – National Field Archery Society …

Shoot Report – National Field Archery Society Championships – May 2018

Despite best efforts I do miss

Archers gathering for the NFAS 3D championships

Archers gathering for the NFAS 3D championships

Sorry all , I have been pretty slow on writing up shoot reports recently as been focusing on the coaching articles for the “Hardest things in archery series”.  I think I have two or three shoot reports to type up, so please be  patient.
Anyways in May 2017 the Organised Chaos teamwere setting one of the courses for the NFAS 3D championships. If…

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Hardest lessons to learn in Archery – Drawing …

Hardest lessons to learn in Archery – Drawing down

Me trying to remember to shoot

So for the first of the “Hardest lessons to learn in Archery” articles I promised I am going to go with one of the most popular topics drawing down, sometimes called coming down from a shot. These articles are designed to help archers and are based on a survey and poll I posted on Facebook and Tumblr, where I asked what archers found the hardest.
So drawing down is when you have drawn up to your…

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New bow style – example of people power

New bow style – example of people power

Autumnal sunlight through the trees

I’m typing this up half watching the snow fall in giant flakes outside, and on a skiing holiday and half looking at the screen. It seems holidays are only time I have at present to catch up with my writing. Anyway onto topic for today. Some of you may remember that a few months back I wrote an article on a proposal that was going forward to the NFAS on an new bow style “Traditional Bow hunter”.…

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Field archers are a lucky bunch of people

Field archers are a lucky bunch of people

stream running through valley

Stream running through valley I just want to share a quick thought with you. I have come to the conclusion that we field archers are in many ways a lucky bunch of people. Why? Well we get to walk round some wonderful woodland across the country, whether this is at a local clubs ground or at a championships. Not only that we also get to shoot bows in woodland. How cool is that! Okay so the latter…

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Continuing the New Year goals

3D Deer between the trees

The woods are calling In my last posting I wrote about the setting of New Year goals and how you could start to monitor your progress as you develop in your archery life. In this post I’d like to take this a little further and explore some general advice along with some metrics beginners or experienced archers may consider suitable. Poor equipment = poor shooting First thing you can do is to get…

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Happy New Year to all

So around this time of year people are normally doing a couple of things. Firstly trying to stick to their New Year resolutions they have made whether this be going to the gym, quitting smoking, eating healthily, etc. Archers will probably be starting their planning for the upcoming season. The latter will usually involving deciding on which competitions to enter and possible setting goals for…

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Shoot Report – Spirit of Sherwood – December 2…

Can you hit a barn door

Spirit of Sherwood Wooden arrow shoot I tend to see the Spirit of Sherwood Christmas shoot as the end of the year as far as NFAS shoot calendar is concerned, which is silly really as NFAS shoots carry on all through the year. However for this reason and because they put on cracking shoots, we always make an effort to get to their shoots and this years was no exception. As it’s a good two hour…

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