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Hardest lessons to learn in Archery – Drawing …

Hardest lessons to learn in Archery – Drawing down

Me trying to remember to shoot

So for the first of the “Hardest lessons to learn in Archery” articles I promised I am going to go with one of the most popular topics drawing down, sometimes called coming down from a shot. These articles are designed to help archers and are based on a survey and poll I posted on Facebook and Tumblr, where I asked what archers found the hardest.
So drawing down is when you have drawn up to your…

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Equipment Review – Goblin Snot Paint

Equipment Review – Goblin Snot Paint

Finished arrows in the sun

Goblin Snot paints

Goblin Snot paints

Okay, so this is not one of the most pleasant sounding products I have encountered, but if you can look past the name you can have pretty decent paint.
Lee Ankers of Heritage Longbowswas kind enough to provide me with same sample colours (pink, white, orange and purple) to try out. There are obviously other colours but these would prove to provide a good selection as it…

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Carry a simple first aid kit

Carry a simple first aid kit

First Aid Kit

It is the time of year when the days have been getting longer and we are out more often. Some will be out on two day shoots, camping in some beautiful British countryside, or maybe course laying in readiness for the shoot.  The downside of the warmer days is it results in me having to start taking antihistamine tablets due to slight hay fever and possibility of insect bites.
I’m pretty lucky, as…

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The Push Archery Podcasts

The Push Archery Podcasts

The Push podcast

The Push Podcasts

The Push Podcasts

 It’s been a while since I’ve written a review, other than shoot reports,  so here goes, hopefully you’ll find it useful and interesting. This is kind of a part literature review and general review as I am going to be reviewing a podcast site, which some of you may already be aware of. In recent months I’ve been listening to The Push Archery podcasts.
Here is a link to their…

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Shoot Report – Wolverine Archers – April 2018

Shoot Report – Wolverine Archers – April 2018

Shooting group at Wolverine

Wolverine Archers

Wolverine Archers

So we loaded the car on Sunday morning for the drive up the motorway to the Wolverine grounds, while still being slightly jet lagged from our Canadian ski holiday. Due to multiple sets of road works it would prove to be a slow drive north and equally slow drive home at the end of the day. You can read a write up of a previous shoot visit here.

This time there were some 105…

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The madness  behind the scenes of setting a 3D…

The madness  behind the scenes of setting a 3D champs course

Some of the 3Ds decided to try and make a break for it

A course track leading up to targets 11 and beyond to base camp This time last year me a few others were beginning some of the final stages of organising a 10 day camping expedition to deepest darkest Derbyshire. Steve, Sharon Andy and I were the core members of Organised Chaos who had applied and been accepted as one of the course laying teams for the NFAS 3D championships. Some of you may have…

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Shoot report – Centaura Bowmen – March 2018

Shoot report – Centaura Bowmen – March 2018

Banks of snowdrops at Centaura

Centaure Bowmen It seems ages since I’ve written a shoot report, hopefully I haven’t lost the knack of what to include and cover. So here goes with this shoot report for Centaura Bowmen March shoot, which I think could have been called the snowdrop shoot. For those interested here is a link to a previous shoot report. Unlike some of the recent weekends we’ve had of late, it wasn’t that cold,…

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Shoot Report – Harlequin Bowhunters – February…

Shoot Report – Harlequin Bowhunters – February 2018

Sharon shooting 3D deer

Harlequin Bow hunters NFAS shoot It had been almost a year since we’d shot Harlequins course, not for any reason other than something always came up, so we were curious to see how it had changed. So on what was a bright but cold Sunday morning we headed north up the motorway to Harlequins grounds. Those interested can read a previous shot report here. Julie about to start the show Sadly the start…

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Another archery club targeted by thieves

Another archery club targeted by thieves

Some of you may have seen my tweet that Centaura Bowmen archery club outside Derby has been added to the list of clubs targeted by thieves. Here are the details that I know of and taken from the NFAS Facebook group. Facebook notice of thefts Over the past few months I’ve heard of a number of clubs that have been hit, whether by thefts, trespass or vandalism. So what can we do? We can all keep an…

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Shoot Report- Paget de Vesey – February 2018

Shoot Report- Paget de Vesey – February 2018

Sharon shooting a 3D dragon target at Paget de Vasey

Paget de Vasey NFAS shoot February 2018 I know I’ve said this before but I have always thought of the Paget de Vesey shoot as marking the start of the NFAS outdoor season. True there are shoots throughout the year now but I still think of it as the start of the shooting year. For those interested you can have a read of a past shoot report here. Surprisingly there wasn’t any rain or even snow this…

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